Protocol for Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) During his Ph.D research in the Laboratory of Professor Alexei Aravin, Dr. Alexandre Webster wrote a detailed protocol for doing FRAP experiments using our Zeiss LSM 710 confocal. This protocol describes how a beginner at microscopy can acquire and analyze Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching data using a simplified approach.  Although simplified, this protocol was able to provide a consistent estimate of the mobile fraction of tagged protein expressed in fly ovaries. Professor Wachsmuth's paper is also provided.
Link 1: Drs. Webster and Wachsmuth's Easy Protocol for FRAP
Link 2: Professor Malte Wachsmuth's FRAP paper

Using Z-Correction in the Zeiss Zen Black Software Ms. Emily Wyatt, a graduate student in CCE, wrote a quick and easy to follow tutorial on using the Z-Stack Correction function in the Zen Black software when she was a student in the Bi 227 class (Winter 2016). When collecting a large Z-stack you may notice that as you go deeper into your sample, the image intensity fades. The correction function in the Zen software allows one to increase the laser intensity, the detector gain or both as you go deeper into the sample.
Link 3: Ms. Emily Wyatt's quick guide to Z-correction

Protocol for Image Quantification The Director of the BIF, Andres Collazo, is often asked; how do I compare fluorescent intensities across different images? The following document provides 6 tips for accurate quantification of multiple images. It also mentions two of the more common problems users could encounter. This is geared towards fluorescent samples that fade, such as antibody labeling and fluorescent proteins. The protocol is biased to images taken with a laser scanning confocal microscope but similar tips apply to digital cameras.
Link 4: Andres' tips for quantifying images


Papers published using the resources of the BIF Bibliography of papers published since 2013. This is an incomplete list of the publications that have used the microscopes, software and other resources provided by the BIF. These publications are in high impact journals. Most of the publications listed include a link to the online journal article.

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