Zeiss LSM 710

Inverted laser scanning confocal microscope with multiphoton (NLO) laser This confocal is on an inverted fully motorized Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 microscope. This microscope has the multi-channel QUASAR detector for spectral imaging. The multiphoton/two-photon laser (MP, a category of nonlinear optics, NLO) allows for deeper imaging of tissues. The tiling function in the Zen Black software and the motorized stage allows one to collect multiple images across a large field of view using a high magnification objective. The black cage incubator allows for very light sensitive applications such as two-photon imaging using the NDD detectors and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS; two-photon only unlike the LSM 880 which also does single photon FCS). Location: Beckman Institute Basement Room B133A.

•    This inverted microscope has the LSM 710 Scan head with 2 PMT detectors, a 34 channel spectral detector (QUASAR), 2 BiG modules with 2 GaAsp NDDs and 1 detector for transmitted light.
•    5 Laser lines: 3 from Argon and 2 from solid state lasers.
•    Coherent Chameleon II multiphoton (2P) tunable Laser.
•    Motorized X,Y stage and Z focus.
•    Incubation chamber consists of an opaque stage area box that allows for regulation of temperature, CO2 for live cell imaging.
•   The black box allows for light sensitive applications and use of the NDDs.

Technical Specifications: Scope: Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 Inverted
Laser Lines: 458 nm, 488, 514, 561, 633, Tunable 2P Laser 690-1020
OS/Software: Windows 7 Ultimate, Zeiss Zen Black 2012
Removable Media:   DVD Burner, available USB hub, Network Access.