Leica DMI 6000

Inverted wide field fluorescence microscope for deconvolution This microscope addresses  the need in the Caltech Community for a high end wide field deconvolution microscope in the Biological Imaging Facility (BIF). This inverted microscope uses LED illumination for less photo-bleaching than Lasers. The fully motorized Leica DMI 6000 is combined with hardware from several vendors (Andor, ASI, Lumencor and Sutter), all of which is controlled by the MetaMorph microscopy automation and image analysis software from Molecular Devices. The tiling app in the Metamorph software and the motorized ASI stage allows one to collect multiple images across a large field of view using a high magnification objective. The Lumencor illumination and Sutter filter wheel allow for high speed switching of the fluorescence excitation and emission. The Andor scientific CMOS camera allows for high speed imaging at large frame sizes. This Leica based solution provides high-throughput, three-dimensional imaging of both fixed and live cells while retaining high sensitivity and spatial resolution. This high-end wide field 3D deconvolution microscope provides:

•    High speed 3D acquisition (30 frames/second plus).
•    Imaging and tracking of live samples in 3 dimensions with lower phototoxicity.
•    Excitation of a broad range of fluorophores.
•    Increased Z-resolution and decreased blurring after deconvolution.
•    Incubation chamber consists of a stage area box that allows for regulation of temperature, CO2 and Oxygen for live cell imaging.
•    Sensitive sCMOS camera with low noise.
•    Less bleaching (compared with confocal) and higher sensitivity enables FISH and other low-signal work.
•    Wide field of view for a given magnification (~4X larger than conventional CCD)

Technical Specifications: Scope: Leica DMI 6000 Inverted
Camera: Andor (AND-DG-152V-C1E-FI).
Stage: ASI with Piezo Z Focus.
Illumination: LUMENCOR SPECTRA X, Excitation Filters: 390/18, 438/24, 485/20, 513/17, 560/25, 575/25 and 650/13. Separate LED from Thor Labs for Cy7 excitation.
OS/Software: Windows 7 Ultimate, Metamorph Premiere Software
Removable Media:   DVD Burner, available USB hub, Network Access.